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When a mismatched team of misfits dubbed "the Suppressors" pursues a life of ghost hunting, nothing seems to go as planned—especially when the paranormal is concerned. Even if their tactics ever extended beyond a "trial by fire" strategy, things would run a lot smoother if Constance, the only person with solid field knowledge, didn't have a permanent chip on her shoulder. As the ragtag team of this horror/comedy tries to skirt by, they discover how important it is to have each other's backs…even when you're at each other's throats.

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Character Biographies

Constance Linrah

Age: 22
Prior Employment: Dock worker at a bulk grocery store.
Personal Motto: There's always a way to do somethin'.
Best Way to De-Stress: Crack open a can of soda and reevaluate her life.
Personality: Snarky, headstrong, responsible, and quick to anger.
Fact: She tends to hide the fact that she's a medium from most people and isn't even particularly comfortable talking about it with those she's closest to.


Ander Loboas

Age: 25
Employment Prior to Joining the Suppressors: Athletic shoe store clerk.
Personal Motto: There's so much unknown in the world, but that makes it exciting.
Best Way to De-Stress: The odd cigarette or two…provided his brother doesn't catch him.
Personality: Passionate, hard-working, fretful, and often stressed.
Fact: Being the figurehead for the Suppressors ghost hunting group, he worries about being able to take care of everyone, but his eagerness to obtain extra funding generally comes off as being money-hungry.



Age: 28
Employment Prior to Joining the Suppressors: Bus driver, athletic shoe store clerk.
Personal Motto: Anything's better than retail.
Best Way to De-Stress: Getting lost in a good book.
Personality: Jovial, playful, laid back, but a bit lazy at times.
Fact: Between having a towering, solid-muscle build, black-and-red-spiked hair, sixteen facial piercings, and, eventually, losing a finger, he likes to joke about having an "inaccurately badass" appearance.


Ein Loboas

Age: 18
Employment Prior to Joining the Suppressors: Student
Personal Motto: Just because you're different doesn't mean there's anything wrong with you.
Best Way to De-Stress: Curling up in his favorite beanbag chair.
Personality: Clever, soft-spoken, giving, but socially awkward.
Fact: Of his handful of quirks, the most bizarre may be his irrational fear of police; when faced with a cop, he inadvertently turns into a smooth-talking pathological liar.


Jemi Jasmine

Age: 23
Employment Prior to Joining the Suppressors: Newspaper office filing girl.
Personal Motto: You never know the answer if you never ask the question.
Best Way to De-Stress: Pouring over a crossword puzzle.
Personality: Inquisitive, caring, sweet, but occasionally a little too eager.
Fact: The Suppressors first met her while she was possessed by a demonic spirit that lashed out at Constance and Stoak and joined the team after her home was destroyed during the exorcism.


"Emma" Carelli

Age: 21
Employment Prior to Joining the Suppressors: Vampire Hunter (ongoing job). Not technically a member as much as a temporary tag along.
Personal Motto: A life lived is a worthwhile one; if you shelter your heart from everything and everyone, you might never be hurt, but you'll never really be alive, either.
Best Way to De-Stress: Talk with friends, be it in person or long distance.
Personality: Sarcastic, friendly, level-headed, but doesn't place her own well being too highly.
Fact: As the child of a dunpeal, she requires very little sleep, allowing her to remain awake and active for days on end.

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