Katie Bailey is a born and raised Midwest Native and, having grown up across the street from a Chicago cemetery, it should come as no surprise that she harbors a love for paranormal lore.  She has always had stories floating around inside her mind in one form or another, but it wasn’t until she reached eighth grade that she realized that she could actually do something with them in the form of written word.  She has not stopped writing since.

She has two primary works as of current.  The first of which is Central Avalon,  94,300-word tale of an amateur ghost hunting team trying to fumble their way through jobs when their best worker is brash, crass, and a little less than willing.  This is the first in a planned series of interwoven stories of paranormal worlds colliding.

Her second project, Not Quite Marketable, is a bit more on the down-to-earth side.  This story revolves around a talented young man who finds himself caught up in a rigged singing competition and learns the importance of acceptance and friendship in a place where the other contestants want to eat him alive for not fulfilling the media’s idea of worthy.  Though still in the works, this side novel is at 67,000 words and counting.

Though preferring to keep her writing style accessible and light, she does enjoy incorporating the occasional darker mood or demented twist.  She is a simple person; she enjoys “most haunted” tales and old school monsters, long walks on the beach and sarcasm, video games and un-put-down-able books, good company and cheap coffee.  She spends her days working as a barista and writing, and, in her spare time, occasionally likes to doodle.  She tries to promote open-armed acceptance, and it is one of her core beliefs that one can overcome just about any situation—no matter how bleak—if they have the right people by their side.

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