Katie has two books currently in progress:


CENTRAL AVALON (in a nutshell)

When a mismatched team of misfits dubbed "the Suppressors" pursues a life of ghost hunting, nothing seems to go as planned—especially when the paranormal is concerned. Even if their tactics ever extended beyond a "trial by fire" strategy, things would run a lot smoother if Constance, the only person with solid field knowledge, didn't have a permanent chip on her shoulder. As the ragtag team of this horror/comedy tries to skirt by, they discover how important it is to have each other's backs…even when you're at each other's throats.

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NOT QUITE MARKETABLE (in a nutshell)

Alix Randall is short, chubby, and somewhat unattractive—in simple terms: everything that goes against the media's ideal star. After flying under the radar and getting onto "Star Seeker", a rigged televised singing competition, based on talent alone, he becomes a target for the producer, as well as the professionally trained Ringers he has to compete against. Through emotional turmoil, he fights to prove that passion and natural aptitude can mean more than just appealing to demographics.


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